Unmarried Life Partners / Living Together Trusts

In California Unmarried Life Partners have no rights under the Family Law Code or Probate Code (except concerning their children). Their rights are determined under a hodge-podge mix of partnership law, contract law and laws concerning titled assets (examples of titled assets are real property, financial accounts and vehicles – all of these have a “label” that explains who owns them and the rights of joint owners). When unmarried persons jointly own property, like homes or businesses, careful estate plan drafting is required to preserve separate interests and provide for orderly ownership, management and distribution of it upon death, disability or end of relationship. The same careful drafting is required to preserve each party’s separate property. We believe coordinated estate plans and business plans provide the best and strongest protection for unmarried Life Partners. Without a coordinated plan, litigation and interference by each Partner’s children and heirs frequently occurs. We will help you put together a coordinated, enforceable plan, and review and revise any existing plan.

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